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Legal Services Without The Ego

Many people who need legal services are put off by lawyers who act as though the client exists to serve them. Not all lawyers are like this.

Hello, I am Andrew Cagen, an attorney licensed in Rhode Island since 1976. In my years as an attorney, I have learned an important lesson: to listen to my clients and treat them with respect.

If you meet with me, you will encounter an attorney who wants to help you reach the goals that you decide are most important. I see my job as being your legal facilitator, not your legal boss. If you retain me, I will do everything within my power to ensure you are informed, in control and satisfied with your legal experience.

Broad-Based Legal Services For Property Owners

Through my legal practice at Andrew M. Cagen, Attorney at Law, in Providence, I offer practical and effective legal services to clients in a variety of real estate and property-related matters, involving:

  • Homeowners and home purchasers, including those who have had difficulties paying their mortgages and face potential foreclosure
  • Landlords and tenants in nonpayment, termination, eviction and other matters governed by the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
  • Small-business owners, including those who want to purchase and expand businesses or may be seeking zoning relief
  • Investors, including those who may be buying real estate tax titles or lend money or may have provided mortgage loans that have gone sour
  • People wishing to plan for the future by having wills and health -care powers of attorney
  • People who have lost loved ones and need to probate estates
  • People who need strong representation in real estate litigation, including cases involving adverse possession, purchase-and-sale disputes and partition

Please see my Practice Areas page for more information about my full range of legal services.

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Andrew M. Cagen, Attorney at Law, is conveniently located at 750 East Ave, Rhode Island. To discuss your legal options with a Providence tax title services attorney, contact me online or by calling 401-400-3822  or 800-514-9346 toll free. I offer a free initial consultation to each prospective client.