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Business Acquisition And Development Guidance

Starting or buying a business can be challenging. Should I form a corporation or a limited liability company? Am I buying the stock of an existing corporation or just its assets? How do I know whether there are any debts attached to the business? Am I leasing or buying?

In my more than 40 years of legal practice, I have learned about these concerns firsthand. Through my legal practice at Andrew M. Cagen, Attorney at Law, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, I assist clients in matters including:

  • Negotiating and preparing purchase and sales agreements for buyers or sellers of businesses.
  • Help you determine your form of ownership, whether it be as an individual, corporation or limited liability company and takes the required steps to create that form of ownership.
  • Examine land evidence records and those with the Rhode Island Secretary of State to ensure you are purchasing a business free of undisclosed debts.
  • Conduct a closing to ensure that the terms of the purchase and sales agreement are fulfilled.
  • Negotiate and prepare of lease for where you will operate your business or, alternatively, represent you in the purchase of a property.

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